Third Court Proposal (8)

The outline proposal for option 3 (a third court separated by a fence which necessitated extra land being acquired) was submitted to Odiham Parish Council who were unanimous in their agreement to support the project. We have obtained estimates for the work which are within our reach with the help of grants. We then contacted the landowner to see if they were prepared to part with the small amount of land needed.

Unfortunately the landowner has decided that they do not wish to part with this land due to their commitment to it being part of a conservation area under the DEFRA Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

This means that we are now left with two options and Pam Verdon would be grateful if you could let her know which option you prefer.

Decision 1
Build a third court next to the current courts by extending the fencing to the edge of the land within the limits available, but included within the fencing (option 2 on the original proposal). These courts do have the space recommended by the LTA guidelines.

Decision 2
Do nothing and leave the courts as they are

(The Parish Council informed us that the option of building a stand alone court on the Beacon Field was very unlikely to be agreed by them)

The committee have discussed these options in great detail taking into account league match players, juniors, club players and private club players. They would like to recommend Decision 1 – building the third court alongside the existing courts, due to the ever increasing pressure for court time from members. They feel this is only going to increase with more juniors, more coaching and more enthusiasm in general from all members.

Please let Pam know your preference as soon as possible and by 28th February so that we can move forward if that is what is decided.

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