Third Court Proposal (5)

At their meeting on February 8th 2010 the Parish Council agreed to set up a working party to consider the development of the Council’s Sports and Leisure Strategy. It was agreed that there was a need to a) consider all the providers in the Parish and b) ascertain the needs and wishes of the residents.

On March 7th 2010 Roger Barnacle delivered a letter to the Honorary Secretary requesting an Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the Third Court Proposal. He claimed that the proposal submitted to the Parish Council to build a third tennis court on the ‘Beacon’ field incorrectly stated that there is no room to build it next to our existing courts.

On March 11th 2010 the Parish Clerk was informed of this development and it was agreed that the Parish Council put the Proposal ‘on hold’.

On March 24th 2010 the Club Committee met to decide what action to take. It was thought that an EGM would be divisive, and pointless because the Parish Council would not agree a strategy, before considering the Proposal, any time soon. It was decided to send a message to all members clarifying the situation and explaining that, as a consequence of the Council’s reaction, there would now be a further opportunity to discuss the Proposal in due course. Alastair Allen felt that a Committee and AGM endorsed activity was being interfered with by non-committee members on spurious grounds and, disagreeing with the Committee decision, resigned his position as Honorary Treasurer. He regretted that any prospect of a third court being secured soon had now been lost.

On March 25th 2010 the Chairman sent out a message to all members so that there could be no misunderstanding in regards to the feasibility of a third court alongside the other two. Roger acknowledged that there was no need for an EGM before the Parish Council established their ‘Strategy’.

On April 14th 2010 The Management Committee appointed Gordon Wrenn as Honorary Treasurer. It was agreed that Roger Barnacle be invited to prepare an alternative third court proposal.

A new topic has been raised on the Forum. Please give your views on the pros and cons of possible sites for a third court.

Hart District Council have invited all parish councils to make bids for available Sport & Recreation funding. Odiham Parish Council are producing a questionnaire that will be sent out next month as part of their process of developing a Sport & Leisure strategy for this parish.

All residents should have now received the questionnaire with the latest Parish Council newsletter. Members are encouraged to include the desire for a third court in their response.

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