Third Court Proposal (3)

The following report appeared in the the Basingstoke Gazette on December 23rd 2009
under the banner headline “Extra Tennis Court Plan under Spotlight”.

A Tennis Club in Odiham wants to build a court on recreational landowned by the parish council.

Alastair Allen, Treasurer of Odiham Tennis Club, told a meeting of Odiham Parish Council that the club wants to build a third court on the Hockey Field, off Buryfields.

The land is known locally as Beacon Field as it contains a modern replica of a beacon once used in Odiham to warn of the attack of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

While the beacon would not be moved under existing plans (note this is not correct see Third Court Proposal(4))the meeting heard that the court would take up one third of the field, which is currently used as recreational ground. The parish council would remain as land owners of the site.

In outlining the plan to the parish council, Mr. Allen said the new court is necessary to relieve the demand on the existing two courts and would provide space for both club members and pay-and-play non members.

He said “Results of a users’ questionnaire showed strong support for additional playing time and (reflected)increased membership of the club”

Mr. Allen added that as well as the land, the club would also ask the parish council to put in £18,000 towards the £36,000 total cost of the new court.

Councillor Roger Jones praised the presentation by the tennis club, supported the need for another court, but still had concerns about the plan.

He said, “Looking at that area of land there, I would hate to see the Beacon Field being claimed by anyone because I feel it’s a very good area for informal leisure”.

Cllr Jones also asked whether it was possible to site the court next door to the club’s current courts rather than on the field behind it – a suggestion rejected by Mr. Allen. The parish council will look at the proposal andcome back to the tennis club with a decision in about six weeks.

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