Third Court Proposal (2)

David Danson, Chairman, with Alastair Allen, Treasurer, and Gordon Wrenn, Parish Liaison, attended an Amenities Committee Meeting of Odiham Parish Council on 14th December 2009 to support the Tennis Club Proposal for a Third Court (submissed on 13th November 2009)

Alastair Allen presented on behalf of the Tennis Club from the following brief.

Key Facts

• The existing two courts at Chamberlain Gardens belong to the Community

• They sit on land owned by the Odiham Sports Centre Trust for whom the
Odiham Parish Council acts as Trustees.

Key Aspects of the Proposal

• How has the need for an additional court been established?

Demand for additional court space is measured in the current usage levels of
the existing two courts.
Results of a users’ questionnaire show strong support for additional playing
time. The demand reflects the increased popularity of tennis in the country
and increased membership at the club.

• Who would use an additional court?

Club members would use the court.
The general public, with the facility for “Pay and Play”
Local groups eg schools and youth clubs could have access by arrangement

• What features does the new court add and why is it different?

The court will provide more play options at peak times.
The stand alone facility is “general public friendly” and will provide
improved “Pay and Play” opportunities
The court will encourage junior play.
The court will have a practice mesh

• Why should the Parish have ownership of the facility?

The Sports Field Trust owns the present facilities and the Parish Council
owns adjacent land. The relationship between the Parish Council as owner and
the Tennis Club as facilitator of tennis is well established and has worked
well for many years.

• Why is the Tennis Club prepared to support the project?

Tennis Club members believe the community needs a third court in the Chamberlain Gardens area.
The Tennis Club encourages tennis players, whether members or not.
The Tennis Club is able to support new facilities with fundraising and
members contributions.
Club members have contributed substantially to recent improvements.
Money raised and contributed by the Tennis Club provided more than three quarters of the cost of the improvements made in 2007/8.
This contribution substantially added to the asset value of the existing
The Tennis Club is uniquely placed to provide an administration which
promotes smooth running of the courts

• What can the Tennis Club contribute to “Sport for All”?

More court space can encourage a far wider access to “Pay and Play”.
Some will prefer this facility to formal club membership.
However, the club offers such an attractive membership package to the community at large that “Pay and Play” will often lead to membership.
Either way there has to be additional court time available at key user
The flourishing coaching arrangements are encouraging more participants who, don’t have to be members

• How would the project be managed?

Hampshire LTA will likely provide a project specification.
It would be an option for the Council to appoint a consultant to manage the project.
Tenders would be prepared and the Council would select the preferred contractor with the advice of the consultant.
The consultant would effectively manage the project for the Parish Council.

• How would the court be operated?

The court will be owned by the Parish Council.
The Pay and Play scheme would be enhanced
There could be specific times for “Pay and Play”.
Tennis Club members would have general usage rights on the new court.

• So where do we go from here?

We have an opportunity to build a new facility for the community of Odiham.
Much work and research into the concept has already been done.
The value of the facility and the amount of use it would get is established.
Interested parties have been consulted.
The land has been identified; the funding method can be in place.
The project can go ahead with the court being built as soon as the weather improves.
The proposers seek the allocation of land and a commitment of not more than £18,000 from the Parish Council.
Tennis club members will underwrite the balance.
The increased value of Council owned assets will be at least double the
council’s contribution.

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