Tennis Club Maintenance- Can you help?

We are looking for a volunteer to take over the role of maintaining the Tennis Club Facilities

• It is an important role – co-ordinating maintenance activity to ensure the fabric of all the facilities remains in good order
• It can be easily managed – it requires someone with good organisational skills(!) to mobilise the list of volunteers we already hold (approx a dozen) who are prepared to give up some of their time in order to maintain the facilities to the high standard that currently exists
• Gordon Wrenn is happy to continue to look after the plumbing, floodlights and co-ordination of hedge cutting and clearance of the bank on the south side of the courts and will work closely with whoever takes on the role
• An idea of the sort of thing that needs doing:
o Grass cutting (by rota)
o Leaf clearance (we have someone who does this every Saturday and at other times as required in the autumn so it’s principally liaising with him)
o Ensuring the leaf blower and lawn mower are maintained
o Controlling the weeds
o Maintaining padlocks as required
o Any other general maintenance that would be required with any sort of facility like this – internal and external décor etc
Without a volunteer to do this, things will be maintained on an ad hoc basis and the great facilities that we all enjoy will gradually deteriorate
If you would like more information about the role please ring Richard Alderton any time on 704423

If you feel that you can take this on please contact Pam Verdon, Club Chair, at
Many thanks

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