Singles Box League – Announced

We are beginning a Singles Box League for our club members at the end of January. This league will be for both male and female players of all standards.

How will it work

Each player’s name is entered into a box. The size and number of the boxes may vary depending on how many players enter the league. There will be a set number of divisions with box 1 being the highest. The number of divisions will depend on the number of entries. Each box will be organised according to standard, where possible. Each player listed in a box plays a match against one another. When all players in all boxes have completed their matches the box series ends.

The box series will typically run every couple of months with the series length changing depending on how many matches are needed to be played to complete all boxes.

Each match will be the best of 3 sets, with a championship tie break being played as the final set. This is tie break scoring with the first player to 10 points and winning by 2 points.

The boxes will be displayed in the Clubhouse on the Adult notice board. At the end of each match players are responsible for posting the results on the notice board.

At the end of each series the player who has won the box will be promoted to the next group up. The player who finished at the bottom will be moved down a group, and the players who finish in the middle stay in the same group.

How do I enter the League

If you would like to take part in the Singles Box League please email Andrew by Sunday 29th January 2017. Once the entry deadline has passed Andrew will organise the boxes and email all participants the details.

For further details/questions please contact Andrew Ridgers (Club Coach).

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