Results of Junior Ladder League Summer 2012

The final scores are in and the results of the Junior Ladder League 2012 are as follows:

The overall winner is Tim MacPhee.

Congratulations. It was a close run thing between Charlie and Tim battling it out until the last day of play.

The trophy for the girls most games played goes to Antonia MacPhee with 16 games, and for the boys Tim MacPhee with 23 games played.

Everyone who has played 5 or more games will receive a medal. Trophies and medals will be presented on Saturday 15th September at 1:30 at the tennis club.

Once again, well done to everyone that has played, you have all done very well and played some great tennis resulting in some very close matches. I hope you have all enjoyed the Ladder this year and l look forward to running another ladder next summer.


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