OTC Adult Club Championships 2016 has commenced!

Dear Championship Player,

Thank you for participating in the 2016 OTC Club Championships. Please read below and see attachments outlining details you need to play your matches.

Where can we find information needed to play our matches? 
All the adult draws have been posted on the ‘Adult Noticeboard’ inside the club house and on the OTC website. Also included on the club house noticeboard are the 2016 championship player’s contact details, court availability sheet, Mixed Handicap rules/chart and court booking sheet.

Players contact details are only available via the contact sheet inside the clubhouse to ensure personal data security.

How do we book courts for matches?
All players are responsible for organizing their matches and should ensure they respond to match requests quickly and ensure completion of matches for each draw round.

To book a court for your match check the ‘Court Availability’ sheets to ensure a court is available for the time you want, log your details the on the ‘Court Booking’ sheet noting – your name and court no you want to use.

By booking in your court you will be assured you are allocated the court for your match and other members will know when a court is not available and who they need to contact if there is any issue with the use of the court.

Do I need to play matches by the Round Deadlines?
Each round has a deadline for completion of matches listed on your draw. This deadline is to ensure completion of each draw round and commencement of the next round in a timely manner. Therefore can you please ensure your matches are completed by the deadline dates listed.

If you or your opponents are unable to complete your round match by the deadline date then please contact Roger Barnacle asap rh@thebarnacles.co.uk to discuss your options. If you don’t contact Roger and the round deadline is missed then the match result will be automatically decided by a coin toss.

What are the ‘Match Play’ rules again?
All matches except the Handicapped Doubles’ matches (see details below) are the best of 3 tie break sets with two game advantage. Balls for matches are supplied by the players except for the Finals Day matches.

Mixed Doubles (Handicap event) –
All matches are the best of 3 sets up to 31 points each, 5 serves each pair then change ends at the end of each set, or after 15 games in the final set.

Determining your handicap –
Look at the draw sheet for the red number e.g. (15) corresponding to your name or pair listing. Using this red number calculate the handicap starting number by using the ‘Handicap Chart’ –
The lower handicap figure is on the vertical scale and the higher on the horizontal, where the two rows coincide that is the handicap allowance given to the players with the higher handicap number and their opponent starts from scratch, e.g. player A handicap 10, player B handicap 15, the two rows coincide at 8 therefore player A starts at scratch and player B at 8 points up.

A little complicated but lots of fun. For full details see attached Handicap Rules and Handicap Chart.

How do we record our scores?
Record your match scores on the draw sheets on the noticeboard in the Club House. Enter your scores in the centre line space between your listed names for each the round; set 1=first player/s score – second player/s score, set 2 =….. e.g. Fred v Frog scores = 6-3, 5-7, 6-1

Periodically the draw sheet will be updated on the Noticeboard and Online for you to check the Championship progress.

When is Finals Day?
A Finals match will be played for each draw on Sunday 17th July starting from 12:00pm. Further details will be published as the competition progresses.

Looking forward to seeing you on court.

Roger Barnacle
Adult Club Championship Organiser
OTC Committee

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