Notice of EGM – Incorporation of Club

This morning (Saturday 2nd September 2017) notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting was served to members of Odiham Tennis Club. A copy of the email can be found below with the referenced documents available in the members area.

All members of OTC with voting rights (anyone over 18 with a playing membership) are encouraged to attend.



Dear Members

This is to notify you that there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of Odiham Tennis Club on:

Tuesday, 26th September at 8.00 pm


The Old School House, London Road, Odiham

The reason for holding this meeting is to get members’ approval for a change in the way the Tennis Club operates.  The Club started over 40 years ago with the agreement of the Parish Council to use the courts which are on land owned by Odiham Sports Centre Trust for which the Parish Council are Trustees.  Since that time there has been an informal arrangement about the use of the courts by the Club and the public.  In later years the Tennis Club has taken over all the expenses of keeping the courts in good condition and has also invested substantial funds in improvements such as floodlights and the third court.  The Club has also paid the Parish Council £500 per annum towards maintenance.

The Parish Council now wishes to pass on all responsibility for the courts to the Tennis Club by way of a 25 year lease at a rental of £5 per annum.  Terms of the lease are still being negotiated with the Council but the Club Committee hope that it may be advantageous to the club.  However this lease will be legally binding on the Club.  In order to sign the Lease the Club needs to become a Company Limited by Guarantee so that no individual person is legally responsible and all members are only liable up to the cost of £1.

To incorporate the Club and register with Companies House there needs to be an Articles of Association.  The Committee have looked at the Club’s current constitution and also templates of Articles of Association for other tennis clubs that have become Companies.  The two documents attached are the proposed Articles of Association for Odiham Tennis Club Limited and Rules and Regulations for members.  The Rules and Regulations will govern the internal workings of the Club which do not need to be registered with Companies House.  These two documents include the previous Club’s constitution and also include some new clauses.  A copy of the current Club constitution is also attached.

Hopefully this will be a short meeting and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Please let me know if you will be able to attend so that we have an idea of numbers.


Kind regards


Pam Verdon


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