Mud/ Chalk Marks on the Courts

April 17th 2012- The courts are due to be painted as soon as the weather stops raining for long enough. The courts have already been steam cleaned by the contractor in readiness to start painting as soon as the weather lets up.

Last week a member let themselves in at the new single gate on the far side and cycled around and across the courts to the bike racks. They also walked on the courts. The problem with this is that their bike and shoes were extremely muddy/chalky and have left marks all over the newly cleaned courts. We will now have to clean the courts again before painting can begin.

I would please ask all members to treat the courts with respect at all times and to never cycle across them and always change their footwear before going onto the courts.

Once completed, we will have three lovely courts which I am sure we all want to keep in the best condition possible for the benefit of all members.

Thank you for your co-operation
Pam Verdon


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