Maintenance Rota

Thank you to everyone who volunteers to help out with day to day maintenance tasks at the club. The list of volunteers for January to March 2017 can be seen below.

2nd to 8th – Sue Cockcroft
9th to 15th – Nicholas Peek
16th to 22nd – Martyn Evans
23rd to 29th – Dennis Allaway

Jan 30th to Feb 5th – David Danson
7th to 12th – Steve de Botte
14th to 19th – Bill Hudson
20th to 26th – Sue Cockcroft
27th to March 2nd – Nicholas Peek

3rd to 9th – Martyn Evans
10th to 16th – Dennis Allaway
17th to 23rd – David Danson
24th to 30th – Steve de Botte