Junior Ladder League 2012

Junior Ladder League 2012

By popular demand the Junior Ladder League is back.

The league is open to all OTC Junior Club members in school year 7 up to and including year 11. There will be a trophy for the winner, and a trophy for both the girl and boy who play the most matches. There will also be a medal for all participating players who play 5 or more matches.

The Junior Ladder League is a friendly tournament that runs through the summer. Each player is given a starting place on the ladder. The aim is for players to work their way up the ladder by challenging the person one or two places above them. If the player wins the match he/she then swaps places and takes the higher position.

There is no entrance fee BUT you do have to be a member of the Tennis Club. Please ensure that your club membership (due April 1st) has been renewed.

This year the ladder is being run by Will Mac. Juniors who wish to take part should contact Will by e-mail otcjuniors@googlemail.com as soon as possible -Don’t delay – e-mail today!

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