Junior Floodlit League Final Report

Report submitted by Adam who organised the Junior Floodlit League

After participating in the adult floodlight league, I decided to organise a new junior floodlight league. I managed to gather 12 juniors who were raring to take part and then split them into 3 groups: Team A, B and C. They would each take turns to play the other two teams twice which equals 6 games all together. The scoring is normal apart from you have to play exactly 9 games.This means the end score could be 9 – 0 or 5 – 4 etc. Every game counts as a point to that team so the games were tense and generally quite close. Unfortunately we had a bit of bad luck with the weather which meant on one occasion the courts were iced over and as Christmas was nearing we had to have a break over the holidays and then start again in 2011 where hopefully the weather was better. Thankfully, the weather did hold off on us and we had some enjoyable (yet pretty cold) night matches under the courts brilliant floodlights. Team A were the victors in the end with a large lead ahead the other teams but the fight for second place was tight with the scores all depending on the last game of the league. Team B managed to scrape second place in the end squeezing Team C into third place at the very last moment. I thoroughly enjoyed the junior league and hope to host a new one in the future. I would like to thank Lesley for all the help she gave me such as turning on the floodlights and a lot of support. Sally helped me choose the teams and seeds which was superb, and of course thanks to all the juniors and reserves without whom the event would not have taken place. Finally thanks to the tennis club for allowing me to use their excellent facilities.

Editor: well organised Adam. Glad you had fun

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