Racquets Mate Stringing Service

Racquets Mate is delighted to be able to offer the members of Odiham Tennis Club the same professional racquet stringing service as professionals receive at Grand Slam events.

Why choose to have your racquet strung by Racquets Mate:

  • United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) Master Racquet Technician (MRT)
  • European Racquets Stringers Member (ERSA)
  • Babolat UK Official Stringers Team since it started in 2011, tournaments include all
    AEGON PRO SERIES, AEGON Championships (Queens), AEGON International (Eastbourne) and AEGON Classic (Edgbaston)
  • Part of the Championships Wimbledon Official Stringers Team since 2009
  • Part of the Babolat Stringing Team at Roland Garros for 2012

As part of the MRT course David covered all aspects of racquet stringing as well as some key areas that puts him above the average racquet stringer. David will be able to help you fine turn your racquet based on your game style and any occurring injuries such as tennis elbow and shoulder issues.

When the cold weather comes in and the conditions start to get wet you will find that the tennis balls are starting to bounce lower and you are going to have to start putting more effort into getting the same response from the ball.

With the colder conditions and a lower and slower bouncing ball a fresh set of strings will have more elastic energy in them than ones strung 8-10 months ago or longer. This means you will have to put less additional effort into getting the same response from the racket and strings than in the summer.

Also have your grip replaced on your racket at the same time to provide better control and comfort. A new grip is a lot cheaper than having to purchase a new racket after the other one fell out your hand because the grip was worn out and wet. 😉

For more details, please contact David on 07841 532 878
david@racquets-mate.co.uk or visit my website at www.racquets-mate.co.uk