Club Committee & Management

The OTC Committee was elected at the AGM on 21st November 2017. There are 3 named officials on the committee and up to 10 other members, 8 elected and two co-opted. The committee is formed in accordance with the Club’s Articles of Association.

Named officials & areas of responsibility –
Chairman – Pam Verdon
Honorary Treasurer – Emma Barnes
Honorary Secretary – Lesley Lee

Committee members & areas of responsibility –

Membership Secretary – Steff Johnston
Web, IT & Social Media – Will MacPhee
Juniors Representative – Andrew Ridgers
Coaching – Andrew Ridgers (Head Coach) & Lesley Lee (Administration)
Maintenance / Maintenance Rota – Steve de Botte
FlootLit Leagues & Cleaning Rota – Helen Osgerby
Fixtures Secretary – Sharon de Botte
Publicity – Sharon de Botte