Final Notice for OTC AGM & Mini Tournament on the 18th November 2015!

Just to recap – What’s planned on the night?
•Mini tournament commences 6.15pm to ~7.15pm (please assemble at 6.00pm) – Weather looks good.
Please note – if the tournament is cancelled due to poor weather then we will just move onto the Bowls Club from 7.15pm.

•The Bowls club doors will open from 7.15pm for members attending the AGM. There will be a free bar and nibbles available during the meeting.

•The AGM commences promptly at 7.45pm and all adult members are encouraged to attend the AGM as this is your opportunity to help decide how the club will be run over the coming year/s.

Committee Nominations
So far we have the following nominees for the clubs committee positions –
Chairman Nominees
Roger Barnacle
Sue Cockcroft

Committee Member Nominees
David Danson
Helen Osgerby
Will Mouger
Steff Karmios
Lesley Lee
Phil Askew
Andrew Ridgers
Alistair MacPhee
Will MacPhee
Pam Verdons

The AGM Agenda
1. Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes of the AGM held in November 2014
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Election of Club Officers & Committee Members
6. Minutes of the EGM held in May 2015
7. Future Development
8. Wimbledon Draw
9. Discussion and Vote for Constitution Changes
9. Any Other Business

Please find below a link to a pdf file which outlines the ‘proposed constitution changes’ that will be discussed and voted on at the AGM. Please can you read them prior to the meeting as they outline some important changes.

Members are asked to make suggestions for improvement of all areas of the running of the club at the AGM including general tennis play, tournaments, matches, coaching, internal and district league play, facilities and administration.

If you have any suggestions or issues which you wish discussed at the AGM can we please email or speak to the the Club Secretary on prior to the start of the AGM so they can be noted for discussion at the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you all.
OTC Committee

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